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Crevalle is a development consultancy that takes the time to understand your business needs. We mentor individuals, coach teams, and deliver products.

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Producer of the EMPEX Conference Series

New York | Los Angeles Crevalle created EMPEX to celebrate the adoption of the Elixir
programming language and to provide a sophisticated setting
for attendees to meet and learn.

EMPEX is the first and only tech conference held in a jazz club.

We can help make your next function memorable. Contact us for more info.

Producer of the ElixirTalk Podcast

Answering your Elixir design questions Crevalle founder Desmond Bowe cohosts the ElixirTalk Podcast,
bringing you bimonthly discussions about Elixir application design
and the state of the ecosystem.

Want an experienced, personal review of your Elixir application? Get in Touch.

The Crevalle Blog

Building A Community

From the ElixirTalk podcast: Which is better to build a community? Small meetups? Big events? Regional conferences?

It's an important question. Building communities is something I love to do. Ultimately, technical problems are often people problems, because people are the ones who make the technology.

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Consulting Services

Software Development

Whether 1 day or 6 months, we can bring your vision to reality.

Elixir Training

Our customized curriculum will level up your team and let them proceed with confidence.

Staff Augmentation

With over 10 years experience in a half-dozen industries, we quickly drop into projects and help with the heavy lifting.

Technology Leadership

The best way to know the future is to make it happen. We identify goals and execute them together.

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At Crevalle, we solve our own problems. We also have fun building software. Below are some concepts we've executed to validate a business idea, explore a new technology, or simply to create an enjoyable experience.

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Desmond Bowe
Desmond Bowe Crevalle founder